Cost of Divorce Mediation

Although cost should not be the sole reason for choosing divorce mediation, mediation is by far the affordable choice for divorces.  My fees are on a sliding scale of $250 to $300 an hour to mediate your separation agreement. A typical two hour session will cost $500 to $600.  I will schedule a free 15-20 minute telephone call to discuss the process with both of you.

Divorce Mediation Works.  Often For Less Than $2,500 – $5,000 Total

Most cases, even high-conflict divorces where children are involved, can be mediated for less than $2,500 – $5,000  total. My total costs to mediate a divorce are generally less than a single retainer for a litigated divorce. Other mediated disputes are resolved even more efficiently – resulting in higher savings.


Choosing mediation versus litigation – even choosing mediation versus just living with it – greatly lessens the costs of the conflict. Even high-conflict cases can experience substantial savings by choosing mediation.

Actual Money/Financial Savings

The financial costs of conflict can be remarkably high. It is often accepted that a litigated divorce will cost a couple the majority of their assets. Certainly it can threaten college funds and home equity. Most litigating couples in Northern New Jersey should expect to spend well-over $25,000 to $50,000 in a contested divorce. The litigation process can easily trigger increased conflict, resulting in increased costs. Those couples who choose to mediate – even those couples in significant conflict – most often are able to reach complete resolution through for less than $2,500 – $5,000.

Time Cost Savings

Litigation, as a means of conflict resolution, is typically a protracted process that seems to define the term “snails pace”. Meanwhile parties are stuck, unable to move forward in their lives. Mediating a divorce or other family conflict, on the other hand, is an efficient means to address the issues. Participants are in control of the time line, not the courts. Efforts are spent on targeted resolution not arguing. What can take months, or even years in litigation, is completely resolved within weeks or months.

Productivity Cost Savings

Conflict off the job, impacts productivity. Work or other important events may be missed due to meetings with attorneys or court dates. Distraction from stress and worry can result in decreased attention and abilities at work or school. Unfortunately productivity costs can have long lasting effects. Mediation results in an efficient and effective resolution with minimal impact on productivity.

Emotional Cost Savings

Divorce is generally recognized as one of the top 5 life stresses; right up there with life-threatening illness: conflict in general is stressful, with high emotional costs. Litigation often adds to the emotional costs – attorneys and the process itself becomes a source of additional stress and worry. The conflict and emotional costs are expanded. However, through mediation the opposite happens. The emotional costs of the divorce or other conflict are mitigated: focus is placed on agreements (no matter how small) and improving the emotional condition everyone involved. Mediation, both the process and the resulting agreement, reduces the emotional costs of the conflict.

Health Cost Savings

Resolving conflict through litigation or ignoring it all together is generally very stressful for those in dispute, so often the conflict seems to grow, despite the intentions of the parties involved. The increase in stress is problematic, as it can negatively impact an individual’s health and quality of life. Those already at risk due to existing medical issues – such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, lupus, and even cancer may find that the stress experienced as a result of a litigated conflict, may have far more consequences than simply how the courts resolve the issues. Mediating the dispute not only reduces the stress experienced in the resolution process, but also reduces stress experienced in future interactions and conflicts.

Divorce Mediation is the sensible and sane way to settle your divorce case at a reasonable costContact Marc P Feldman at 973-267-7555 to find out more about Divorce Mediation.