Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation Works.

Mediation is an a cost-effective alternative to litigation which allows you to resolve all of the issues of your divorce with less stress and more control over the results. The confidential mediation process allows you to speak freely and without the fear that what you say may later be used against you in court.  And since the process is voluntary, you are less likely to cause the negative feelings which can have an adverse impact on your relationships for years to come.  As a skilled and qualified mediator, I use my 23 years of experience to help you resolve your divorce disputes quickly and at a fraction of the cost it would take to fight in court.

Why Does Mediation Work?

To consider mediation in the first place means that you are open to an alternative method of resolving marital disputes This willingness to be open-minded and cooperative is a step in the right direction toward mediation success. During mediation sessions, you are seeking the best resolutions, generating new ideas and reaching effective results.

In mediation, you make the decisions. During divorce mediation, you discuss areas of concern and decide together how to handle child issues, as well as how to divide and manage marital assets, liabilities and other matters. Once formalized and signed, this agreement is then recognized by the court.

Preparing for a divorce is stressful and expensive. In litigation, you have double the costs – two lawyers.  And your lawyers must spend a great deal of time (and therefore money) obtaining discovery and then later, presenting each unresolved issue to the court.  In mediation, the couple voluntarily exchange information and can agree to obtain joint experts if necessary.  Through divorce mediation, these costs can be dramatically reduced, thereby saving time, money and the stress of courtroom appearances.

Mediation proceeds according to your schedule, not the courts.  Usually, this means that you resolve your divorce disputes much sooner than they would be heard and decided by a court.

The Mediator is Honest, Neutral and Encouraging.

The mediator listens, sorts through your differences and finds common ground upon which to reach a solution.

Mediation is not arbitration or litigation. The mediator doesn’t make the decision for you, but helps you reach your agreement by helpings you make informed, intelligent decisions that you feel are fair and in your mutual best interest.

The mediator does not represent either party. Although many mediators are lawyers, they aren’t advocates for either side. It is also less adversarial, which is an important consideration when dealing with such emotional issues as children and support.

Divorce Mediation is the sensible and sane way to settle your divorce case at a reasonable costContact Marc P Feldman at 973-267-7555 to find out more about Divorce Mediation.